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Advantages of Transportation


 Transport refers to physical means by which human beings and commodities are transferred from one place to another. It removes the hindrances in the movement of goods and persons. Agricultural development, industrial development social welfare and political integration of a country largely depended on the means of transportation. Transport distributes the goods, which are centrally produced to various parts of the country. Now-a-days, transport is considered to be a symbol of civilization. Industry and trade are fully dependent on. the means of transportation of a country. It creates utility of place and time. Transport on the other hand completes the production process as it puts the products in the hands of consumers.


 For the economic, social and political development, transport plays a vital role. Some of the advantages of transport are as follows:

 1. Widens the Market:

Transport removes the geographical barriers by making an unrestricted flow of goods. Transport takes the goods to every corner of the world as well as those goods which are only produced at a particular state. In the absence of transport, the manufacturers would not produce more than the demand of local market.

 2.Industrial Development:

Big industries can be run successfully with the help efficient transport as raw material, machinery, workers and other elements are easily available. Transport also supports in the distribution of production.

 3. Promotes Agriculture:

 It encourages and supports growth of agriculture by providing modern machinery, fertilizers, seeds, pesticides etc. Moreover, agriculture production is supplied to agriculture market for sale through transport.

4. Stabilizes Price:

Transport moves the goods from those places, where they are more than demand, to those places, where they are scarce. Thus, transport equalizes demand and supply and eliminates price fluctuation.

 5. Full Utilization of Resources:

New sources of raw material are opened up and resources received from various regions are used fully which could not be reached easily without the help of transport.

6. Surplus Productions:

Surplus goods can be transferred to those areas where they are scarce. This avoids wastage of goods and stabilizes price.

7. Progress of Business:

 Business makes progress due to quick and cheap transport. Due to transport, market expands and businessmen Lean sell their products not only in local market but also in international markets.

8. Mobility of Labour:

Workers can migrate to those regions where they can get higher wages. The easy mobility of labour helps for the industrial development of a country.

9. Control Over Famine:

The problem of famine can be solved by sending the food and basic needs in the affected area and this is possible with the help of means of transport.

10. Provides Employment:

Directly, transport companies give employment to the general public. Transport also takes the unemployed persons to various places of employment.

11. Improves Standard of Living:

With the help of transport, large-scale production is Possible, which reduces per unit cost. Thus, more people can Purchase the commodities at a cheaper price and travel easily, and can improve their standard of living.

12. Defence:

 The defence of a country also depends on means of transport. Particularly, availability of arms and weapons and movement of soldiers is possible due to transport in the time of war.

13. Promotion of Education and Culture:

With the help of transport, people can move from one place to another and cultural exchange is possible. People from remote areas can avail educational facilities of developed areas.

14. Control over Catastrophe:

Necessary help can be supplied to the disturbed areas of a country with the support of transport especially in the times of war, natural calamities and internal disturbance.

15. Facilitates Large Scale Production:

Transport helps the producer to assemble raw materials and workers from long distances. It also helps the producer to sell his commodities at distant places. Thus, producer can manufacture goods in bulk and enjoy the economies of large-scale production.

16. National Integration:

Transport helps the villagers to go to big cities and know each other. People of different regions can also meet. In this way transport plays a vital role in maintaining the national integrity.

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